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The system is broken.

Help us

New Brunswick nurses are on the frontlines of our healthcare system, but they are at their breaking point. They navigate a broken system in crisis while providing the best solutions and care they can. As the nursing shortage continues, mental wellbeing, work-life balance, and the ability to provide necessary patient care and education suffers. 

They show up for New Brunswickers when we need it most. Now we must show up for them.  


Nurses need your help holding things together. Learn how you can take action. 

Our Stories

Cassie Bennett - NBNU Scan 9.png

Kay Grant, RN

“The government has to recognize that there is a problem… this is a broken system and we can’t fix it on our own.” 

Cassie Bennett - NBNU Scan 5.png
Cassie Bennett - NBNU Scan 6.png

Corinna Power, NP

Matthew Brocke, LPN

“We’re all just so overwhelmed…all working more than we need to.” 

“I would like to see some of our political leaders walk through the hospitals… and see what it’s like to be in our shoes just for an 8-hour shift.” 

Cassie Bennett - NBNU Scan 8.png
Cassie Bennett - NBNU Scan 7.png
Cassie Bennett - NBNU Scan 4.png

Erin Nowlan, LPN

Roger Leger, LPN

Jenny LeBlanc, LPN

“People are struggling… they’re struggling just to get to work knowing what they have to face for that full shift.” 

“Les demandes de notre travail ne sont pas réale toutes suites.” 

“Si son change pas [le système], je faisais changement de mon carrier par-ce-que je pense pas que je pas fair pour  toute ma vie” 

Cassie Bennett - NBNU Scan 3.png
Cassie Bennett - NBNU Scan 2.png
Cassie Bennett - NBNU Scan 1.png

Tiffany Court, RN

Carrie Ann Rioux, RN

Kendra Oulton, RN

“We need a better patient to nurse ratio, and that is what is going to save us” 

“Maintenant, on est vraiment étiré pour offrir les soines de bas” 

“A lot of nurses feel the pressure of whether they should stay [at work] just one more hour or whether they should go home to their families” 


Advocate for nurses in our province. For the healthcare system we all deserve.

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