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Download our shareable social media toolkit
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The New Brunswick healthcare system is broken and so are the vital nurses who are working to hold it together. Together, we can create a better system for us all.  


These ready-to-use tools can help you populate your social media with messages and images to show your support and concern for New Brunswick nurses. Download the #PickingUpthePieces Toolkit to spread the word and be part of the change.  

Instagram Sticker

Add an Instagram sticker to you story to emphasize your point and connect with other social media posts.  

When creating an Instagram story, hit the “Aa” icon to create a graphic story. Once you chose your background, you can swipe to the “GIF” icon, or hit the smiling square icon. Once you have the sticker menu open, you can enter some keywords to find related stickers. Try searching “NBNU” or “Picking Up the Pieces” to find them. 

Tip: if you tag us (@nbnu_siinb), we can share your story on our own profile! 

NBNU_IG Sticker.png
NBNU IG_Sticker_FR.png

Social Media Cover Photos

Download the right size for each account below.

NBNU Flight 2 Facebook Banner.png

Learn how to change your cover on:


Download, print, and put up this poster with all the relevant information for #PickingUpThePieces 

Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 9.56.23 AM.png

Photo Frame

Download and add our branded picture frame to your profile picture to support our message. Simply download the provided image and in a free photo editing app, place the frame over your photo. Some examples can be found here.

Fr frame.png

Email Signature

Change your email signature to show your support, use the images below and link to

NBNU Flight 2 Facebook Banner.png

Learn how to change your email signature in:

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