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New Brunswick’s nurses are hard-working professionals committed to providing care, solutions, and educations to their patients, clients, and residents. As they face the immense pressures of our broken system, they remain dedicated to treating the sick and advocating for our wellbeing.

New Brunswick Nurses

Nurses are vital to ensuring a functioning healthcare system. Approximately 8500 Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and hospital and public health sector Licensed Practical Nurses work tirelessly in our province. They are responsible for patient care and wellbeing. They advocate and show up for their patients, clients and residents, and educate their communities.


Nurses are part of a complete healthcare team and essential to sustaining our provincial system.

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Registered Nurses

Registered nurses are one of the largest groups of medical healthcare providers in Canada. Registered nurses have specific education and training, including a bachelor’s degree.  

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Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners are registered nurses who have additional education and nursing experience, which allows them to autonomously diagnose and treat illnesses, order and interpret tests, prescribe medications and perform medical procedures.

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Licensed Practical Nurses

A licensed practical nurse provides care to patients as part of a larger healthcare team. They may work under the supervision of physicians and registered nurses who are the primary care provider for a patient. 

Why Our System Needs Nurses

New Brunswick has close to 1,000 vacant nursing positions. Almost as many more nurses will retire in 2024, widening that gap. Though our nurses work hard, they are stretched thin, and our system cannot sustain these staffing shortages and the increased workload.


Without trained professionals to fill these positions, New Brunswickers cannot receive the care they need.


In 2021, Nurses in New Brunswick worked more than 400,000 hours of overtime just to keep our healthcare system operational. Without immediate action, the health and wellbeing of everyone in our province is compromised.

Did You Know?

92% of nurses surveyed believe patient care will continue to decline if conditions do not change.

81% of New Brunswick nurses reported feeling high to very high stress/burnout. 

84% of nurses report their mental health has deteriorated over the past three years.

71% of nurses in New Brunswick report their physical health has deteriorated over the past three years.


55% of nurses in our province sought mental health support during this past year.

64% nurses in New Brunswick believe their job stress will only increase.

90% of nurses reported needing help because of unrealistic work demands.

Nurses are one of the only healthcare professionals who monitor, assess and care for patients 24/7.

Nurses are trained to be proactive with patient care, monitor and assess discharges to decrease readmissions.

Many procedures, surgeries and appointments require at least one nurse present. Without that nurse, they can be cancelled. 

Evidence supports a direct correlation between adequate time with nurses and positive patient outcomes.

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